September Favourites

Can you believe that it’s nearly October – where did the summer go? I must admit that I’m pretty excited because I love this time of year. I love Autumn clothes, hot chocolates and of course, Halloween, but more on that later on in the month.

For now, I’m going to write about my September Favourites. I always love reading monthly favourite posts but have never written one myself so I’ve decided to make this a monthly feature on my blog that will include lots of things I am loving from makeup and fashion to food.


I can’t believe how impressed I was when I went into H&M the other week, I literally wanted to buy the whole store. I did buy quite a few things so be sure to look out for my H&M Haul on Wednesday. I love the fact everything is affordable (all students will agree with me here) but you don’t compromise on the quality. I will definitely be returning when my student loan hits my bank account.

2) Argan 5+ Ultra Rich Body Butter 

Argan OilThis stuff is AMAZING, I couldn’t recommend it more. I’ve always used Argan Oil in my hair (you can see which one I use in my Summer Beauty Essentials) and found it has benefited me so much so I wanted to try it out on my skin aswell. Argan Oil has been renowned for being the ultimate dry skin saver so is perfect for when the weather starts getting colder. This body butter smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling hydrated all day and night, not to mention it is rich in vitamins and oils. It comes as part of range so I will definitely be trying out some of the other products as I have been so impressed with this- it makes a nice change from the Body Shop Body Butter I normally use.

3) Waitrose Honeysuckle and Sweet Pea Scented Candle

Waitrose Honeysuckle and Sweet Pea Scented Candle

Having just moved into my new house at uni, I went shopping to find things to make it feel more homely. This candle was reduced in Waitrose and I just had to pick it up, not only does it smell really nice, it looks pretty on my shelf. I’ve really got into burning candles at the moment, I find it relaxing so will definitely be purchasing some more as we enter the colder months where I will be inside more often.

4) Tesco Three City Clock

Tesco Three City Clock

I know my favourites has turned slightly into a ‘going back to uni haul’ but I bought this clock in Tesco and I love it. It was in the sale for only £3 so I couldn’t resist and it definitely doesn’t look like it is from Tesco. It sits really nicely on my shelf but it does have a really loud ticking noise so I had to take the batteries out and have it as a decoration rather than an actual clock (dammit)!

5) L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Luminzer Mascara

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Luminzer Mascara

Having always loved Maxfactor Masterpeice Max Mascara I didn’t think I would ever find a mascara in the same price range that I love as much until I tried this one from L’Oreal. I wrote about this in my Lecture Makeup Look and have been using it in the daytime aswell as going out at night because it lasts so long and enhances your lashes nicely. It is also easy to remove with a makeup wipe so you don’t need to worry about clogging  your lashes.

That’s about it for my first ever monthly favourites. What have you been loving this month?

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