Homeware Haul: Bedroom

After having a very childish bedroom for the majority of my life, my parents finally decided it was time to re decorate and thank god they did as I’m not sure I could bare having any more friends round for them to see the state of my bedroom. So when I returned from university this summer, I was greeted by a lovely cream bedroom with a new fluffy carpet ready for me to accessorise. Having a plain room meant that I could go out shopping and pick out a colour scheme so here’s a post to show you what I picked out. Surprisingly, I found some really nice things in the cheaper shops such as Primark which shows that you can decorate on a budget and some of the things I found will be great for those of you heading to university in September.

Aviary Photo_130494131971450473

Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley BlindThis blind was the first thing I picked out, after looking pretty much everywhere I came across this blind in Laura Ashley. I really like Laura Ashley for interior but it is quite expensive so I had to restrain myself from buying everything. This blind is available for made to measure which was ideal and I love the fact it is black and white as I can keep my bedroom simple and it will go with most things. I can’t find it online, but if you pop into your local store I’m sure they will have some similar to this.

Aviary Photo_130494815340675070

Primark – £6

Every girl needs some little fairy lights in her room and for only £6 you really can’t go wrong with these! They are battery powered and look really pretty when it’s dark and are perfect for some late night reading or if you want to watch something on the TV. I bought these from Primark.

Aviary Photo_130494130616586341

Primark – £2.50

As you can probably tell by now, I love all things white and dainty and this is a really nice accessory to hang up in your bedroom. I decided to put this on the end of my bed post but it would  look equally as nice hanging on your window or on your curtain poll.

Aviary Photo_130494133410010381

Primark – £3 and £5

 I absolutely love my new cushions and can you believe that they are from Primark?! The cream lacey cushions look like they are from somewhere like Next but for £5 each you can’t go wrong. The black cushion is also great and has a lovely sparkle in the middle to jazz up your bed covers – this was only £3.

Aviary Photo_130494138304657222

Next – £35

Matching with the neutral colour scheme, I opted for a grey/white bed sheet with lovely little flowers on. This set was from Next and was roughly around £35. I can’t actually find the exact one on the website but they have a similar one here. It matches perfectly with my floral blind and the cushions for a complete set in my bedroom.

Aviary Photo_130494757896337903

BHS – £38

Aviary Photo_130494759767638186

BHS – £38

This lamp was a another bargain, I found it in the BHS sale and it cost me £38. It’s really bright and stands as a great accessory to my bedroom – not to mention it looks more expensive than it actually was! Another great place to look for lamps would be Wilkinsons, and these a quite a bit cheaper but just as nice.

Aviary Photo_130494761455934744

Next – £110

This cream stall was from Next and sits perfectly under my dressing table. It’s great because it opens up so you can store things away inside it, however the only downside is that it doesn’t have any wheels so pulling it out can be quite annoying. It looks great so I’m willing to put that aside – it was quite expensive at around £110 and you can buy it here.

Aviary Photo_130494762778698272

Primark – £1.50

This cute little heart was from Primark. I decided to hang it on my window and it matches perfectly with my other hearts that hang from my bed post.

I hope you like my homeware haul, I have tried to link everything I found to the website but some of them I could not find so it is definitely worth visiting the shops!



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